Is Angel Reese going pro?


March Madness transitions seamlessly into April Excitement as the spotlight shifts from collegiate to professional basketball, with many top players from across the nation poised to make the leap to the next level. Among them is Angel Reese, a standout talent whose potential entry into the professional ranks has sparked speculation and anticipation.

As the WNBA Draft looms on Monday, April 15, all eyes are on Caitlin Clark, widely regarded as the frontrunner for the coveted first overall pick. With the Indiana Fever holding this top selection, it seems almost inevitable that Clark’s name will be called early in the draft proceedings.

Meanwhile, Angel Reese, Clark’s formidable on-court rival and fellow Panini cards-sponsored athlete, finds herself at a crossroads. Despite already commanding a significant income from sponsorship deals, Reese is faced with the decision of whether to return to LSU for her fifth year or take the leap into the professional realm.


The financial considerations are substantial. While the allure of a WNBA rookie contract may pale in comparison to Reese’s current earnings, the potential for continued lucrative sponsorships remains enticing. Transitioning to the professional stage could amplify her earning potential, especially given the continued popularity of women’s college basketball.

However, the brevity of the WNBA season is a factor to consider. Lasting roughly four months, it stands in stark contrast to the extended collegiate season. Yet, for Reese, the allure of competing at the highest level and cementing her legacy as one of basketball’s greatest players is a powerful motivator.

In a recent interview with Vogue, Reese articulated her aspirations with clarity and conviction, stating her ultimate goal of becoming a professional basketball player and etching her name among the sport’s legends. Subsequently confirming her decision to turn pro this year, Reese’s trajectory points towards a future adorned with the accolades and achievements of a seasoned athlete.

As projections place her as the fifth overall pick by the Dallas Wings in the WNBA Draft, the stage is set for Reese to embark on the next chapter of her basketball journey. With the potential for on-court clashes with Caitlin Clark, the upcoming WNBA season promises to showcase the talents of two highly-regarded rookies, captivating sports enthusiasts and fueling the fervor of basketball fans worldwide.