Is 1923 Season 2 not coming to Paramount+ in 2023?


Fans undoubtedly want to know what the current situation is with the cherished drama series as autumn 2023 approaches. Fans have been guessing for the past several days about what the Dutton family would face in 1923, a year marked by numerous difficulties, including Prohibition, a severe drought, and the beginning of the Great Depression, which hit Montana long before the 1929 stock market crash! The fanbase is curious as to when they will show up again to take on a brand-new wave of thrilling turns and surprises around every corner.

The tale of these adored characters and their adventure will likely be carried for another season, and fans will undoubtedly be interested to see how. We can therefore assure you that you have come to the right place to learn about all the new developments that have been occurring so far behind the scenes for the eagerly anticipated second season, which we are certain will continue to captivate the audience as it has since its debut last year! Here is all the information we currently have about 1923 Season 2.


1923 Season 2 Release Date 


We are aware that devoted viewers have been overjoyed ever since the show’s February 2023 second-season renewal earlier this year! Although this was excellent news, we wish to draw attention to a regrettable development: Sadly, no official date has been set for the upcoming season’s release. The fact that production for the second season of the Yellowstone prequel, which was set to begin earlier this month in Montana, has now been “delayed indefinitely,” which has been significantly impacted by the simultaneous strikes, is one of the key reasons for not publicising such facts early on.

According to NBC Montana, Butte Civic Centre manager Bill Melvin claimed that the Paramount+ series production called him to inform him that filming had been delayed due to the WGA strike. On Monday, June 5, 2023, filming for the second season of 1923 was scheduled to begin. According to Melvin, the company is paying $75,000 per month to utilise the Civic Centre through the end of the year. It’s quite disappointing to see that the anticipated release window will now be pushed back even further, most certainly to some point around 2024 as there is little possibility it will return in 2023.

The team will ultimately be forced to adjust the filming schedule because the series isn’t going to begin production by October 2023. However, filming may be able to restart later this year once the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes are done and the screenplay revision process is back on track. In the end, it is reasonable to assume that the publication of the last chapter will be postponed. Only once the parties engaged in the strikes reach a settlement will actual filming begin, which often takes months before the official release date is announced.