Ireland Baldwin Throws Shade at Alec Baldwin with DNA Test Kit!


Ireland and Alec Baldwin’s relationship has seen its fair share of ups and downs. The “30 Rock” actor and his ex-wife, Kim Basinger, welcomed Ireland in October 1995. However, their union faced turbulence, leading to their separation seven years after her birth. The public got a glimpse into the strained relationship when a controversial voicemail from Alec to an 11-year-old Ireland was leaked in 2007. In the voicemail, Alec made harsh remarks, expressing frustration and anger.

This incident only added to the existing tensions stemming from Alec and Basinger’s divorce, exacerbating their already rocky relationship. Nevertheless, with the passage of time, wounds began to heal. In 2013, Ireland, a former model, took to Tumblr to share her forgiveness towards her father and advocated for the public to do the same. She acknowledged her father’s efforts to change and emphasized his progress. Ireland’s perspective marked a turning point, and since then, Alec and Ireland have managed to mend their relationship.

In a recent Instagram post, Ireland humorously disclosed a birthday gift she gave herself — a DNA test. Her post carried a lighthearted jab at her father, Alec Baldwin, hinting at the possibility of discovering more siblings. While not mentioning Alec directly, it was evident to fans whom she was referencing.


It’s worth noting that Alec, along with his wife Hilaria Baldwin, is no stranger to parenthood, currently overseeing a household of seven children. He frequently shares the joys of parenting on social media, emphasizing its significance in his life. Ireland playfully teased her father, suggesting that with his extensive family, there might even be room for a surprise addition, as she embarked on her DNA test journey. This light-hearted banter showcases a more playful and relaxed dynamic between Alec and Ireland, underscoring the progress they’ve made in their relationship.