Iran’s leader says Islamic countries should ‘prevent sending oil’ and other goods to Israel


Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Saturday issued a fresh call to fellow leaders of Islamic countries to launch an economic boycott of Israel, as per the reports.

“It is the duty of the Islamic countries to prevent the sending of oil, fuel, and goods to Israel,” he said, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Khamenei has also made similar urges in the past.


As per the reports by The Associated Press, the Iranian state media in November quoted the leader saying, “What the Islamic governments should insists is an immediate halt to the crimes [the Israelis] are committing in Gaza. The bombardment should immediately stop.”

The statement added that the Islamic countries should not have any economic cooperation towards the Zionist regime.

Tehran has been a vocal supporter of Palestine and Gaza since the beginning of the war between Hamas and Israel. Recently, it was also accused of being “deeply involved” with the attacks carried out on the commercial ships in the Red Sea.