Iowa and New Hampshire voter do not see much of a change post second GOP debate


Jaclyn Taylor’s search for a candidate got a little more complicated on Wednesday night. Meanwhile, Chris Mudd ended the night exactly where he began.

So the score second Republican debate as a sort of win for the candidate who was not on stage, Donald Trump.

Mudd, who owns a solar energy company in Cedar Falls, Iowa, regarded Trump as the best choice for the country. He stated, “My mind wasn’t changed.”


Owner of a consulting firm in Des Moines, Taylor vehemently disagrees. However, as she watched Wednesday night, her evaluation of the candidates’ exchange was overshadowed by a bigger, nagging worry.

“Without Trump there, what is the goal of this panel of candidates?” texted Taylor amid the debate. She added that her question is “what can this group do to make a difference” and “what can they accomplish?”

Later on Thursday morning, she said, “I have confidence in DeSantis and (Nikki) Haley… It’s nearly a toss up for me between those two.”

Taylor and Mudd are among those participating in the upcoming 2024 CNN project, which is designed to track the campaign through the eyes and life experiences of voters in key states. Such an anecdotal reporting cannot ignore larger and scientific public opinion surveys.