iOS 17 Beta 7 Reveals Optimizations Ahead of iPhone Launch: Key Updates Unveiled


As the much-anticipated iPhone launch approaches, Apple’s iOS 17 beta testing phase is approaching its conclusion, with the focus shifting from feature introduction to refinement based on invaluable feedback from beta testers. Recently, Apple rolled out the iOS 17 beta 7 update to users who have engaged with the beta version, presenting a glimpse of the enhancements to come.

Call Functionality Enhancement:
One notable improvement in the seventh beta update is the restoration of an essential feature within the Phone app. Responding to user input, Apple has reinstated the End Call button to its original position at the bottom center of the phone’s display. This repositioning aims to enhance user experience by reintroducing an intuitive placement that users are accustomed to.

Haptic Feedback Refinement:
The sixth beta release encountered a glitch that momentarily disabled the haptic feedback responsible for indicating the activation of the mute switch, leading to the phone being muted unintentionally. The seventh beta addresses this issue, reinstating and refining the haptic feedback functionality. Subtle adjustments have been made to the vibration pattern. Notably, the Silent mode now features an extended vibration pattern, facilitating the detection of incoming calls even when the device is muted.


Enhanced Mood Tracking:
One of iOS 17’s distinctive features is Mood tracking, and the seventh beta amplifies this offering. It introduces smooth animations for each mood within the State of Mind feature found in the Health app. Additionally, refinements have been made to the speed of the rings encircling each mood shape. These enhancements contribute to a more engaging and visually appealing experience while interacting with the Mood tracking feature.

Anticipating iOS 17 Rollout:
With the impending September launch of the next-generation iPhone, users eagerly await the unveiling of iOS 17 in tandem with the new device. Apple’s tradition of promptly rolling out the iOS update after the launch event ensures that users can swiftly access the latest enhancements and features.