Ione Skye’s Last Messages with Matthew Perry Demonstrate Their Lasting Bond!


The news of Matthew Perry’s tragic passing has sent shockwaves through Hollywood, leaving fans and fellow actors in mourning. Ione Skye, who shared the screen with Perry in his 1988 movie debut, “A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon,” has added her voice to the tributes.

Skye, deeply affected by Perry’s sudden demise, shared poignant screenshots of their final text exchange on Instagram, accompanied by a heartwarming ’80s throwback photo. In their last messages, Perry, touched by the song “In Your Eyes,” took a break from his meditation to express how he instantly thought of Skye and her beauty. He then wished her health and happiness. Skye reciprocated the warm sentiments, expressing her happiness to hear from him and cherishing only good memories of their time together. Perry fondly recalled a specific afternoon when they crossed paths.

Fans responded to this touching exchange with messages of support and shared in the appreciation of Perry’s heartfelt message as a fitting farewell. Many highlighted the unique and beautiful experiences Skye shared with both River Phoenix and Matthew Perry during their time on set together.


The depth of Perry’s friendships with his fellow actors is evident in the outpouring of tributes. Gwyneth Paltrow, who shared a brief but meaningful fling with Perry in 1993, posted a moving tribute on Instagram. She recounted their “magical” summer together, expressing sadness at his passing and hoping he has found peace.

Perry’s last interviews and social media posts have left a powerful legacy, showcasing his compassion and willingness to support those struggling with addiction. In his final Instagram video, taken during the promotional tour for his memoir, he offered words of encouragement and understanding for those facing addiction, emphasizing that they are not alone and that recovery is possible.

These heartfelt tributes and Perry’s own words are a testament to the profound impact he had on those around him, both personally and professionally. His memory will continue to be cherished by fans, friends, and colleagues alike.