Introducing ‘GameDay’ Conor Geary: The Energetic and Charismatic Host of UConn Basketball


Conor Geary has become a maestro in not just rolling T-shirts into the shape of beer cans for an optimal toss but also in orchestrating the vivacious atmosphere during UConn basketball games. Known as “GameDay Conor,” he doesn’t merely execute shirt-tossing moments but leads cheers, engages fans, and delivers announcements with a magnetic flair, using his booming voice and the loudspeakers to infuse heightened energy into the game’s spectacle.

At the core of his role lies a scripted yet flexible approach. Geary operates with a 20-page skeletal framework during UConn games, a condensed version of the event’s schedule, which includes essential sponsorships and marketing pitches. However, his role extends far beyond reading announcements; it’s about creating an immersive experience that transcends the game’s pace and score.

Engaging with the UConn student section, initiating famous chants like “UConn … Huskies,” and maintaining a dynamic presence throughout the game, Geary orchestrates a sonic roller coaster, amplifying the game’s excitement. Amidst the organized chaos during timeouts, he navigates effortlessly, generating a constant buzz within the arena.


For Geary, this role is deeply fulfilling. With a background in food and beverage services and entertainment, he initially stepped into the entertainment field as the first mascot in Yard Goats history. Since then, he’s expanded his hosting roles to include basketball games, lacrosse championships, and corporate events, gradually establishing himself as a prominent figure in Connecticut’s entertainment scene.

Yet, being in the public eye isn’t without its challenges. Criticisms on social media during his initial seasons prompted Geary to engage more with fans, seeking constructive feedback while braving the occasional negative comment. Nonetheless, the positive reception vastly outweighs any criticism. Geary has integrated seamlessly into the vibrant basketball community, contributing to the heightened entertainment quotient at UConn games.

His journey from a childhood spent in theater to being a pivotal part of UConn’s game-day experience is marked by a genuine passion for entertainment. Despite holding a full-time office job during the week, Geary’s prowess with the microphone hints at a future career as a full-time entertainer and host.

His professional journey, rooted in Hartford’s restaurant industry, took a turn towards entertainment when he made a surprise request to Tim Restall, a Yard Goats executive, indicating his readiness for any fitting job opportunity. Eventually, Restall reached out, leading to Geary’s role in revamping the Yard Goats’ in-game entertainment, eventually solidifying his path as a celebrated host across various sports arenas and corporate events.

Geary’s success lies not only in his charismatic stage presence but in his ability to create a vibrant atmosphere that elevates the game-day experience, fostering an energetic community within UConn’s passionate fan base.