Inspirations behind Henry Cavill’s new role explained!


One might assume that an actor would find immense satisfaction in the rare privilege of portraying both Superman and Sherlock Holmes. However, Henry Cavill has never been one to conceal his fervent desire to don cinema’s most iconic tuxedo and step into the illustrious shoes of James Bond.

He came tantalizingly close before, famously making it to the final two contenders alongside Daniel Craig in the bid for “Casino Royale.” Yet, at the age of 40, there is a mounting belief that he might be deemed too advanced in years for the forthcoming rendition of 007. Eon Productions has signaled its preference for a younger luminary, someone capable of anchoring the franchise for a decade or even more.

Fortunately, an extravagant spy thriller has come Cavill’s way nonetheless. He is poised to take the lead in Matthew Vaughn’s highly-anticipated $200 million opus, “Argylle.” In an interview with ScreenRant, Vaughn offered insight into the multifaceted influences shaping Cavill’s character in this venture, mentioning two evidently discernible inspirations, and adding a surprising third for good measure.


“I said to Henry, Argylle is a mixture of Bond, Ivan Drago, because of Rocky IV, and just a bit of Superman spice. And he gets it. He was a delight and is a delight to work with and be with. Henry is one of the greatest, sweetest men.”

At first glance, one might assume that the Drago comparisons stem from the distinctive haircut, which emerged as a major talking point following the release of the initial trailer. Yet, it’s conceivable that it also relates to his imposing physique and his effortlessly composed demeanor. The complete truth, however, will only be unveiled when “Argylle” graces the theaters in February.