Insight Unveiled: Honkai: Star Rail Reveals Ruan Mei’s Full Kit Details


In the forthcoming Honkai: Star Rail version 1.6 update, Ruan Mei, a five-star Ice Harmony character, is set to debut on December 27. She will be featured in the game’s upcoming event banner alongside the top-tier unit, Dr. Ratio, available as a free acquisition for a limited time.

Honkai: Star Rail’s banner system, akin to Genshin Impact’s Wanderlust Invocation, allows players to obtain new characters and Light Cones by spending Stellar Jades. The permanent banner gradually increases the chances of acquiring a five-star unit or weapon over time. However, despite this mechanism, players may occasionally face disappointment when trying to obtain desired units. Furthermore, periodic warp events feature boosted drop rates for select top-tier units. Upon Ruan Mei’s debut, she will remain accessible through this type of banner until the subsequent version is released.

Ruan Mei’s skill set has been disclosed by Honkai: Star Rail, unveiling her defensive abilities and supportive role in combat. She’s characterized as a support unit capable of augmenting allies’ speed and resistance. Her signature weapon deals Ice damage to single targets and aids in energy regeneration at the beginning of each turn. Notably, her technique, “String Sings Slow Swirls,” activates automatically at the combat’s onset without consuming points.


Ruan Mei’s Kit in Honkai: Star Rail:

– Technique: Silken Serenade
– Basic ATK: Threading Fragrance
– Talent: Somatotypical Helix
– Skill: String Sings Slow Swirls
– Combat Type: Ice
– Path: Harmony

Her base skill enhances the party’s damage and Weakness Break Efficiency temporarily. Meanwhile, her ultimate ability bolsters resistance and penetration for the entire party, enabling allies to inflict “Thanatoplum Rebloom” on foes. This effect hinders enemy actions and inflicts break damage. Considering her skill set, Ruan Mei is anticipated to be a top-tier support unit in Honkai: Star Rail.

Additionally, Honkai: Star Rail’s version 1.6 will reintroduce rerun banners featuring Kafka, a Nihility-based character, alongside several others. These banners are expected to be highly sought-after, as only a limited number of units, such as Seele and Silver Wolf, have received reruns since the game’s inception. Leaks also suggest that Sushang and Hook will feature in the event warp during the latter part of version 1.6 for Trailblazers seeking to obtain them.