Insight into Hallmark Star Erica Durance’s Two Marital Splits!


Erica Durance, known for her role in “Smallville,” faced a significant shift in her personal life when her 18-year marriage to David Palffy ended. The couple, who initially met on the set of “Stargate SG-1,” shared two children, in addition to Durance becoming a stepmother to Palffy’s son from a previous relationship. The announcement of their separation, made via a joint statement asking for privacy, arrived shortly after Durance was seen without her wedding ring at a public event.

This wasn’t Durance’s first experience with divorce; she previously married Wesley Parker when she was around 18, but that relationship also ended after three years. Although she rarely discussed her first divorce, she hinted at her split from Palffy in an interview preceding their official separation.

During promotions for her film “Unexpected Grace,” Durance mentioned experiencing significant changes in her personal life, expressing a personal connection to her character in the movie who navigates grief amidst a painful divorce. She emphasized the importance of depicting relationships that can evolve without turning toxic, a sentiment she found particularly relevant during her divorce and the mourning of her grandmother’s passing.


Despite the personal challenges, Durance remained appreciative of her relationships. In May 2023, she shared a heartfelt tribute on social media to her stepson, expressing gratitude for having him in her life. She celebrated her motherhood, acknowledging the blessings of raising both her stepson and her two sons.

In recent times, Erica Durance has continued her career in acting, notably starring in a holiday movie on the Hallmark Channel. Despite the upheavals in her personal life, she seems focused on her career and cherishing the roles of motherhood that life has bestowed upon her.