Inside the Extravagant Lifestyle of RHOM Star Dr. Nicole Martin!


“The Real Housewives of Miami” star, Dr. Nicole Martin, and her fiance, Anthony Lopez, made headlines in July 2022 by selling their Coral Gables residence to Jeff Bezos’ parents for an impressive $44 million. This sale marked a notable moment in “Real Housewives” history, yet they were soon eclipsed by Heather and Terry Dubrow from “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” who sold the renowned “Dubrow Chateau” for a staggering $55 million in October 2022.

Explaining their decision to sell their lavish home, Martin expressed during an Instagram Q&A that it was an offer they found challenging to refuse. She emphasized that while a house is just physical walls, her true home is wherever her family resides.

Despite bidding adieu to their extravagant abode, the couple continued to embrace an opulent lifestyle. After the sale, they swiftly acquired another luxurious property in Miami, boasting 10,500 square feet, six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a wine cellar housing Lopez’s extensive 2,000-bottle wine collection, all purchased for $21.5 million.


The couple wasted no time in planning substantial renovations for their new estate, with specific emphasis on upgrading the kitchen and catering to Martin’s desire for an ample closet space. Lopez assured that he fulfilled a promise to Martin after she wasn’t entirely pleased with their previous home’s sale.

During their transition period, the family temporarily relocated to their vacation home on Fisher Island and their three-story residence nestled in Colorado’s snow-covered mountains, offering ski-in ski-out access for an ideal escape.

Aside from real estate ventures, Martin showcased her penchant for luxury, proudly declaring her connection to the private plane owned by her fiance. She maintained a grounded attitude despite indulging in luxurious possessions, including designer bags like her prized Chanel flap bag and a costly ostrich Dior mini bag, which, unfortunately, met an untimely fate near a tabletop candle.

Martin’s taste for opulence extended to Lopez’s passion for collecting high-end luxury cars, exemplified by his acquisition of a 1989 Speedster Porsche for $250,000.

In essence, the life of Dr. Nicole Martin, with her real estate acquisitions, designer indulgences, and a blend of extravagance and down-to-earth moments, paints a portrait of luxury akin to that of many in the spotlight, showcasing their love for finer things amidst relatable mishaps and joys.