Inside Biden and Netanyahu talks: President presses issues regarding Gaza’s future


The consistent message which was heard by President Joe Biden from almost all the officials he met at Tel Aviv is that the war in Gaza will take time and Israel will test the support of its allies, as revealed by Israeli and U.S. officials.

It is important for Israel to maintain international support especially from the U.S. because it has already been twelve days and thousands have been dead, which has created an uproar in the entire region.

During his hourlong meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials, Biden pressed the issue of rise in the conflict between Israel and Iran-backed Hezbollah on the border of Lebanon.


The president was concerned that Hezbollah will join the war, which would result in the conflict getting broader in the Middle East.

Since the beginning of war, Biden and his administration has sent private and public messages to Hezbollah and Iran, warning them against joining the war.

Biden also wondered the overall strategy for Gaza, post the war with Israel. The officials replied that they haven’t reached there, as currently they are focused on counteroffensive to the Hamas attack, on October 7th.