Influencer Danny Mondello Claims Drake ‘Ghosted Me’ After ‘Meals by Cugine’ Collaboration


During a recent interview on the online game show “Rent Free,” TikTok food influencer Meals_by_cug, Danny Mondello, surprised everyone by revealing an unexpected encounter involving Drake, the famous rapper. Mondello spilled the beans about an interaction where Drake apparently reached out to him with a restaurant recommendation in his hometown.

The revelation unfolded as Mondello shared his preferred dining spots in New York City during the show, listing Emilio’s Ballato on Houston Street, Lucali in Brooklyn for pizza, and Lee’s Tavern, a sports bar and pizza joint in Staten Island, among his favorites.

Ankur Jain, the show’s host, dug into the details, asking Mondello about the most famous person who had contacted him through direct messages. Mondello responded, disclosing the unexpected message from Drake: “Just to, like, say hello? Drake, I guess?” He went on to recount Drake’s invitation: “Yeah, it was pretty cool. He was just like, ‘Come to Toronto and go to Sotto Sotto.’ I was like, ‘Alright, we’ll see.’”


However, when pressed further if he took up Drake’s invite, Mondello revealed, “No, not yet. I would love to go… he basically ghosted me.” He humorously concluded by stating, “He treated me like a puttane,” using an Italian slang term.

Sotto Sotto, situated in Toronto, Canada, is renowned as a celebrity hotspot, and Drake is known to be a big fan of the restaurant. Reports suggest that Drake has brought dates to Sotto Sotto and even referenced it in his song ‘5AM in Toronto’. Furthermore, Drake has been seen wearing a leather jacket adorned with the Sotto Sotto name, as reported by Page Six.