Indian teacher swindled of Rs 15 Lakh in online scam; police investigate


A private school teacher in Coimbatore has fallen victim to an elaborate online fraud, losing a substantial amount of Rs 15 lakh to cybercriminals. The Coimbatore Cyber Police have launched an investigation into the matter following a formal complaint filed by the teacher, identified as Malathi from Kalapatti.

The fraudulent scheme began with a foreign national establishing contact with Malathi through a social media platform. Under the guise of being named Clinton and a senior manager at a high-end car service showroom in London, the fraudster gained the trust of the unsuspecting teacher. The criminal convinced Malathi that he had sent valuable gifts to her via flight.

Things took a dark turn when Malathi received a phone call purportedly from customs authorities. The caller claimed that a foreign gift package awaited her at the airport but required the payment of customs duty to retrieve it. Falling for the ruse, she complied and even pledged her jewelry to cover the payment.


Tragically, once the money was transferred, the swindlers vanished without a trace, leaving Malathi in financial distress. Following the incident, she promptly reported the online scam to the Coimbatore Cyber Police, leading to the registration of a case and the initiation of an official investigation.

A senior police officer expressed concern over the alarming prevalence of such cybercrimes, emphasizing the importance of public awareness and digital education to thwart these fraudulent activities. The case serves as a reminder that despite increasing vigilance, individuals must remain cautious while engaging in online interactions and financial transactions.