In which round of the NFL Draft was Travis Kelce selected, and what year did he join the Chiefs?


Travis Kelce, the dynamic and prolific tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, emerged as a pivotal figure in the NFL despite not being an early-round draft pick. His journey from the NFL Draft to becoming a cornerstone of the Chiefs’ offense is a testament to talent, perseverance, and the impact of a player who transcends his draft position.

In the 2013 NFL Draft, Travis Kelce was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round, a pick that would prove to be a transformative moment for both Kelce and the team. Despite being chosen later in the draft, Kelce’s potential as a playmaking tight end was evident, and the Chiefs saw in him the makings of a special talent.

Joining the Chiefs in 2013, Kelce immediately showcased glimpses of his exceptional skill set and potential. However, his initial season was cut short due to injury, limiting his impact on the field. Nonetheless, it was clear that Kelce possessed the talent and determination to make a significant impact when given the opportunity.


It wasn’t until the subsequent seasons that Travis Kelce truly emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. His breakout year came in 2014 when he solidified his role as a key target in the Chiefs’ offense. Kelce’s combination of size, speed, and route-running abilities made him a nightmare for opposing defenses, and his rapport with quarterback Alex Smith blossomed into a potent offensive weapon for Kansas City.

Since then, Kelce’s career trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. He has consistently elevated his game, establishing himself as one of the premier tight ends in the league. His remarkable receiving skills, highlighted by his ability to make acrobatic catches and gain yards after the catch, have made him a focal point of the Chiefs’ high-powered offense.

Moreover, Kelce’s contributions to the team extend far beyond his on-field performance. He has emerged as a leader in the locker room, providing mentorship to younger players and serving as a positive influence within the organization.

Travis Kelce’s journey from a third-round draft pick to a perennial Pro Bowler and All-Pro player embodies the essence of hard work, dedication, and the impact of talent irrespective of draft position. His success with the Kansas City Chiefs reflects not only his individual achievements but also the team’s astuteness in recognizing his potential and harnessing it to become an integral part of their offensive prowess.