Immortal Technique Net Worth 2023!


Immortal Technique, born Felipe Andres Coronel on February 19, 1978 in Lima, Peru, originates mainly from Amerindian heritage, with additional roots in Spanish, African, and French ancestry. In 1980, his family immigrated to New York City from Peru due to the turmoil of the Peruvian Civil War. As a teenager, he attended Hunter College High School on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, where he faced multiple arrests. Later, while enrolled at Pennsylvania State University, he faced more serious charges related to assault and served a one-year sentence. After his release on parole, he briefly attended Baruch College. During his time in incarceration, he refined his rap skills, eventually selling his music independently and engaging in freestyle rap battles within New York’s underground hip-hop community. It was during this period that he adopted the moniker Immortal Technique.

With earnings from his victories in freestyle competitions, Immortal Technique self-released his debut studio album, “Revolutionary Vol. 1,” in 2001. Notably, the album featured the iconic track “Dance with the Devil” which gained prominence in the underground hip-hop scene. His subsequent release, “Revolutionary Vol. 2,” arrived in late 2003, containing an intro and spoken-word piece by death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal. The album, which included appearances by artists like Akir and Diabolic, strongly criticized the Bush administration and the broader US government. In 2008, Immortal Technique dropped his third studio album, “The 3rd World,” featuring collaborations with Chino XL, Cynic, Ras Kass, Veneno, and others, earning it a spot on the charts as his first charting album. In 2011, he released “The Martyr,” a compilation album of previously unreleased material, which was offered to listeners for free.


Immortal Technique Net Worth 2023


Immortal Technique, an American rapper and activist, possesses a net worth estimated at $2.5 million. Renowned for his unfiltered, politically-charged lyrics addressing critical worldwide social concerns like racism, warfare, colonialism, and governmental suppression, he initially gained prominence through freestyle rap battles within New York City’s underground hip-hop community. In 2001, he launched his inaugural studio album, “Revolutionary Vol. 1.” Alongside his musical endeavours, Immortal Technique has been actively engaged in various initiatives focused on youth development and immigrant rights.