Iman Vellani’s Game-Changing ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ Pitch Positions Her as MCU’s Potential Savior


Iman Vellani, the burgeoning star playing Ms. Marvel, emerges as a beacon of hope for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) by contributing a visionary theory that could seamlessly interweave the Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars storylines from the comics into the current MCU landscape.

During a discussion with Erik Voss from New Rockstars, Vellani shared her insightful theory on how the MCU could navigate and adapt Jonathan Hickman’s 2015 iteration of Secret Wars to sync with the prevailing Kang-centric trajectory in the film universe. Her proposed concept revolves around aligning the three primary figures in the buildup to Secret Wars as variants of Kang.

For those unfamiliar with the comics, Hickman’s Secret Wars stems from the Time Runs Out storyline in the Avengers comics. It involves Doctor Doom collaborating with Molecule Man to thwart the Beyonders’ imminent threat. Molecule Man unveils the existence of variants across realities, akin to bombs intended by the Beyonders to disrupt timelines systematically.


In Vellani’s ingenious proposal, she correlates the MCU’s multifarious Kang variants, stemming from the ramifications of Loki’s Tree of Life, with the role of the Molecule Men in the comics. Notably, in her theory, both Doom and the Beyonders are portrayed as Kang variants.

According to Vellani’s vision, a well-intentioned Kang variant, akin to a “Victor Timely-type,” could mobilize to aid “Prime Kang” in vanquishing “Beyonder Kang.” Their plan involves uniting other Kang variants across the multiverse to neutralize the malevolent version attempting to destabilize the multiverse—a notion reminiscent of He Who Remains’ prophecy in Loki and the discussions within the Kang Council’s post-credits scene from Quantumania. Eventually, akin to Doom in the comics, “Prime Kang” would absorb the time-warping powers of “Beyonder Kang,” leading to the creation of Battleworld and setting the stage for a confrontation with the remaining Avengers within this patchwork universe.

While acknowledging the complexity requiring further elaboration, Vellani’s envisioned trajectory for the MCU represents a remarkably clear and innovative direction. Given her multifaceted involvement, leading the Young Avengers and even penning her own Ms. Marvel comics issue, many believe it’s high time Kevin Feige harnesses her profound comic book knowledge and potentially offers her a more significant role within Marvel’s creative sphere.