Iman Vellani’s Game-Changing ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ Pitch Establishes Her as the MCU’s Ultimate Heroine


Amidst the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s dire need for a game-changing turn, the emergence of the young Ms. Marvel actress feels akin to a real-life Avenger, swooping in to rescue the storytelling and comic book adaptations.

During a passionate discussion with New Rockstars’ Erik Voss, Vellani divulged a groundbreaking theory linking the current MCU trajectory with the intricate narratives of Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars from the comic books. Notably, the 21-year-old holds admiration for Jonathan Hickman’s 2015 iteration of Secret Wars and has a keen understanding of how Kevin Feige and the team could adapt it to harmonize with the current focus on Kang. Her proposal is elegantly simple: positioning all three primary entities in the build-up to Secret Wars as variations of Kang.

For those less familiar with the comics, Hickman’s Secret Wars follows the Time Runs Out arc in Avengers comics. It chronicles Doctor Doom’s alliance with Molecule Man in a quest to thwart the Beyonders. They discover multiple variants of Molecule Man across realities, each akin to time bombs set by the Beyonders to detonate their respective timelines systematically.


Doom then orchestrates a collective effort among the Molecule Men to confront and absorb the Beyonders’ powers, hoping to prevent the destruction of the Multiverse. While most timelines succumbed to annihilation, Doom salvages fragments to form Battleworld, a patchwork universe under his rule. Secret Wars unfolds within this Battleworld, witnessing a rebellion against Doom by nearly everyone involved.

Vellani’s ingenious proposition lies in connecting the dots within the MCU, blending the Kang Dynasty with this reimagined Secret Wars. In her theory, the multitude of Kang variants spawned by Loki’s Tree of Life in the multiverse mirror the role of the Molecule Men in the comics. The twist? Both Doom and the Beyonders manifest as variants of Kang.

The actress and devoted comics enthusiast envisions a scenario where a well-intentioned Kang, akin to a “Victor Timely-type,” endeavors to aid the “Prime Kang” in defeating the malevolent “Beyonder Kang.” This entails rallying all Kang variants across the multiverse to harness their collective power against the destructive intentions of this malevolent variant – reminiscent of He Who Remains’ prophecy in Loki and the Kang Council’s cryptic discussions in the Quantumania post-credits scene. Subsequently, “Prime Kang,” akin to Doom’s actions, assimilates “Beyonder Kang”‘s time-altering abilities to forge Battleworld, setting the stage for a new clash against the remaining Avengers amidst the merged multiverse.

Vellani’s insights present a remarkably clear vision for the MCU’s future, albeit with numerous intricate details to iron out. While the multi-talented actress likely juggles various commitments, including leading the Young Avengers and contributing to her Ms. Marvel comics, many suggest it’s high time Kevin Feige taps into her profound comic knowledge, potentially granting her an even more significant role in shaping the MCU’s trajectory.Iman Vellani’s Game-Changing ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ Pitch Establishes Her as the MCU’s Ultimate Heroine