I’m A Celeb 2023 episode 7 recap


In the latest episode of “I’m a Celebrity,” the camp, previously divided into two teams, was joyfully reunited, offering everyone the chance to mingle once more. The focal point of the episode revolved around Frankie Dettori’s unexpected journey through English lessons, serving as a conversation starter among the campers.

The winning team from the previous night relished the highly sought-after “Breakfast of Champions,” a lavish meal that contrasted starkly with the camp’s usual sustenance of beans and rice.

A highlight of the episode featured a challenging task named “Down Your Sorrows,” where celebrities engaged in a drinking trial to earn stars for the camp. Nigel and Tony were selected by the public for this daunting challenge, facing an array of unappetizing beverages like blended fly pupae, pigs’ noses, crocodile feet, cockroaches, bulls’ penis, and goat testicles. Despite the ordeal, both Nigel and Tony triumphed, securing 12 meals for the entire camp, easing the tensions stemming from the previous Breakfast of Champions.


Returning triumphant with the meal, the Home team encountered a bountiful table laden with scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, fruit, toast, and more—a feast fit for the hungry celebrities. Amidst the indulgence, the rule surfaced that winners couldn’t share their breakfast with the other team, creating a dilemma regarding leftovers and unused food.

As the two teams merged back into one united group, emotions ran high. Sam eagerly anticipated the arrival of Tony Bellew, expressing his excitement, while Josie relished the reunion and addressed past conflicts, attempting to reconcile differences between Nella and Fred.

Tony’s arrival triggered excitement among the campers, with Sam particularly in awe of his larger-than-life presence. Jamie Lynn engaged in a candid conversation, dispelling rumors and shedding light on her relationship with her sister Britney Spears. Reflecting on their complicated upbringing, Jamie Lynn shared heartfelt sentiments about their bond, acknowledging their shared struggles and the complexities of their familial dynamic.

The episode showcased a blend of triumphs, reconciliations, and candid conversations, encapsulating the essence of the camp’s dynamic interactions and the celebrities’ heartfelt moments as they navigated the challenges of the jungle.