IDF enter Gaza city, civilian evacuation to south Gaza continues


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have in a statement said that it has entered Gaza city and a fierce fight is continuing with the Hamas terrorists. The Prime Minister’s Office has also confirmed that the IDF has entered Gaza City. The Israeli Army has asked the civilian population in Gaza City to relocate to southern Gaza to avoid civilian casualties and has opened the road to the southern strip for a few hours on Monday and Tuesday. The IDF said that 8,00,000 people have already moved southward.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the IDF is tightening the noose over Hamas and that the Army has destroyed several Hamas centres and rocket launching pads. He added that the IDF destroyed several Hamas tunnels and eliminated many terrorists within these spiralling tunnels. Netanyahu while visiting the Tzelem base told the Israeli soldiers that they were saving the nation. The Prime Minister also warned Hezbollah that if they attack Israel, the response would be much more than what was expected.