IDF destroys Hamas tunnel network underneath Gaza beach resort


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced that they uncovered and destroyed a Hamas tunnel network built underneath a beach resort in Gaza. In a post on X late Friday night, the military said: “IDF troops operated at a Hamas terrorist quarters under the Blue Beach Hotel by the beach in northern Gaza, using a range of methods and destroyed the infrastructure earlier this week.

“Hamas terrorists exploited the hotel, from where they planned and executed attacks both above and below ground. Many weapons were found under the hotel, including AK-47 assault rifles, explosives and drones. “During the course of combat, dozens of Hamas terrorists entrenched in the hotel fired anti-tank missiles at IDF forces, who returned fire. During the forces’ operations in the hotel’s area, the soldiers encountered and eliminated terrorists.”

In a statement, the IDF said the troops that uncovered seven shafts leading to the tunnels were a combat team of the 14th Brigade, operating under the 162nd Division. “IDF soldiers conducted an in-depth investigation of the shafts for several days and have now destroyed the entire infrastructure,” it added. The military also claimed that Hamas militants had used the hotel as a shelter and many terrorists were neutralised during the operation carried out on Friday.


In December 2023, the IDF announced that it had uncovered the largest underground Hamas tunnel system in Gaza. The system splits into branches of tunnels, spans over more than 4 km and reaches 400 metres from the Erez crossing, a passageway between Gaza and Israel. In 2021, Hamas had claimed build 500 km worth of tunnels under Gaza, though it is unclear if that figure was accurate or posturing.