Iconic DC Joker Actor Declares Retirement from Portraying the Infamous Villain


Mark Hamill’s portrayal of the Joker has long been hailed as a coveted role by numerous actors. For many, embodying a villain offers a unique thrill, and within the DC Universe, none are more chaotic and enthralling than the Clown Prince of Crime. Particularly, Mark Hamill’s rendition in animated movies and TV series has been iconic, infusing the character with an unmatched sense of delightfully sinister energy. However, it seems that the distinctive laughter and wickedness associated with Hamill’s Joker will no longer echo through the DC Universe.

After more than three decades of voicing the Joker since his debut in Batman: The Animated Series, Hamill recently revealed to fans at an expo that he is bidding farewell to this notorious antagonist. His decision stems from the tragic passing of Kevin Conroy, his frequent collaborator and the voice behind Batman. The loss of Conroy has led Hamill to conclude that he won’t reprise the role, stating, “Without Batman, crime has no punchline,” referencing one of his memorable lines from his portrayal.

Hamill and Conroy’s partnership has been extraordinary, with their collaboration in the animated masterpiece, Mask of the Phantasm, considered among the finest Batman films. Hamill’s portrayal added a compelling layer of anarchic malevolence to the narrative, enriching the complexity of the Dark Knight’s adventures.


While it’s regrettable that upcoming DC animated movies will proceed without Hamill’s distinct voice as the Joker, Hamill’s decision, rooted in his bond with Conroy, is understandable. The dynamic between heroes and their adversaries defines the greatness of any villain in movies.

Nevertheless, just as Batman has undergone numerous reinventions, the Joker too has been portrayed diversely, suggesting that new actors will step forward to inherit the mantle. Furthermore, the anticipation for Joker 2 remains high, as Joaquin Phoenix reprises the role that earned him an Oscar.

In the broader DC Universe, a shift in the movie landscape is imminent as James Gunn takes charge of the next era following the Chapter 1 Gods and Monsters era. The impending release of Aquaman 2 marks the conclusion of the previous regime, paving the way for Superman Legacy as the next cinematic venture.

Despite the departure of Mark Hamill’s Joker, the DC Universe’s evolution promises fresh narratives and interpretations, ensuring that the legacy of its iconic characters endures through new actors and compelling storylines.