Ian Somerhalder Enjoys Musical Moments with ‘Vampire Diaries’ Co-Star Paul Wesley

The actor and environmental advocate shares his love for singing in exclusive interview


Ian Somerhalder, the celebrated actor known for his role in ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ may not boast the vocal prowess of his wife, Nikki Reed, but that doesn’t stop him from embracing the joy of singing in his everyday life.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE for the “One Last Thing” feature, Somerhalder, 44, candidly expressed his love for singing, even if he might not hit all the right notes.

“I sing through life,” he reveals with a cheerful demeanor, showcasing his passion for music that extends beyond the stage.


Somerhalder recently embarked on a journey to Scotland alongside his ‘Vampire Diaries’ co-star Paul Wesley, where the dynamic duo was promoting their Brothers Bond bourbon brand. Despite their official business in Scotland, music remained an integral part of their companionship.

Even during this professional trip, the two friends found time to “belt out songs,” as Somerhalder enthusiastically recounted. He humorously adds, “Or I was singing in his ear, and his eyes were crossing,” painting a picture of their musical camaraderie.

In this captivating interview, Ian Somerhalder also delved into aspects of his personal life. He shared that his ideal day off involves strolling around his farm with his family and tending to their array of animals, including goats, chickens, horses, and cows. For Somerhalder, these are the moments that truly resonate as meaningful.

Revealing an interesting anecdote about his recent purchase, he mentions acquiring a replica of a General McClellan saddle. This peculiar impulse buy is linked to his childhood fascination with Civil War reenactments and his desire to pass on his historical curiosity to his children someday.

Somerhalder also offered a piece of wisdom about self-discovery, emphasizing the importance of dedicating time for one’s body and soul. He encourages individuals to rise above their excuses and take action, even if it’s as simple as a morning walk – the key is to start.

Lastly, in a humorous twist, Ian Somerhalder shared a quirky incident from his gym routine. He confessed to accidentally dropping a 20-pound dumbbell on his foot while in the midst of a sneeze-induced surprise, creating a memorable workout experience that left fellow gym-goers startled.

This candid conversation with the multi-talented actor provides a glimpse into the delightful and multifaceted world of Ian Somerhalder, where music, history, and personal growth intersect.