Ian Somerhalder doesn’t regret quitting acting for farm life


Actor Ian Somerhalder confirmed his decision to leave his acting career to have a simpler life. The actor even detailed the matter and how different his current farm life is. ”

I love what I did for a really long time,” the heartthrob got candid when speaking to E! News at the premiere of his documentary ‘Common Ground’.

“I don’t miss any of it. I love making films, and I just did it for so long. We had an amazing run.” While gesturing to his wife Nikki Reed, he went on to say of his new rural life, “But this is our 2.0 version. About to be 3.0 version,” reports aceshowbiz.com.


‘Common Ground’ offers an in-depth look at the “regenerative agriculture” movement and explains how the practice could help reverse the impact of climate change.

Ian and Nikki serve as executive producers for the project because of its focus on creating a brighter future for the next generation — including their own children.

“When you see the way that nature operates, you find compassion,” Nikki elaborated, per the news outlet. “It’s a beautiful thing to see what’s happening with children, to watch them participate in the growing of their food and the understanding of what food is and where it comes from.”