Hunter Biden willing to testify on Capital Hill but puts forward a condition


Hunter Biden’s lawyers have told the House Oversight Committee that the president’s son is willing to testify on December 13 in their inquiry into his action, but has put forward a condition of doing it publicly, as reported by CNN, citing Hunter’s legal team’s letter sent to the committee.

“We have seen you use closed-door sessions to manipulate, even distort the facts and misinform the public. We therefore propose opening the door,” Hunter’s lawyers wrote in the letter. They continued that if the claims made by committee of their efforts being important and involved issue needs to be known to Americans, “then let the light shine on these proceedings.”

An offer to testify at public hearing does not guarantee it will happen. Federal courts have upheld the authority of House committees to subpoena private people and entities. Meanwhile, House Republicans might not get another opportunity to grill Hunter in front of the audience – but it would also deviate from how they have handled their oversight probes.


House Oversight Chairman James Comer rejected the idea as he said Hunter is trying to play by his own rules. “Our lawfully issued subpoena to Hunter Biden requires him to appear for a deposition on December 13,” he stated to CNN. He continued that full cooperation is expected from Hunter’s side “but also agree that Hunter Biden should have opportunity to testify in a public setting at a future date.”