Hundreds of pro-Israel marches stranded at D.C. airport due to malicious activity by bus airport


Hundreds of members of Detroit’s Jewish community flew to Washington D.C., to march in solidarity with Israel in its war with Hamas on Tuesday, however some of them have claimed to have had trouble while participating due to some bus drivers’ “malicious walk off.”

Local members of the Jewish Federation of Detroit and the Jewish Community Relations Council arrived in the capital to focus on the national conversation of freeing the 240 hostages captured and held in Gaza by Hamas militants, said David Kurzmann, senior director of community affairs at the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit.

He added that some of the buses which were hired to transport some of the groups of the demonstrators from Dulles International Airport to the site of march, as per Kurzmann, have failed to arrived, which resulted in delay in and some cases prevented their participation at all.


Sharing the details over the issue, Kurzmann claimed to have learned from the bus company that it was “a deliberate and malicious walk-off of drivers.” However, he was grateful for the remaining bus drivers and the groups that were able to make it to the march.

The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit declined to identify the name of the bus company or companies who says its refused them service.