How will Wanda Maximoff come back to life in the MCU?


Wanda Maximoff’s journey in the MCU has been nothing short of a rollercoaster, leaving fans wondering how her story will continue despite her tragic fate. Here are five intriguing ways she might make a comeback:

The Darkhold’s Influence
The Darkhold, a powerful mystical book, could serve as the key to Wanda’s return. Magic can often be a storytelling crutch—serious Darkhold magic or even a more potent version might be the catalyst. This could unleash a chain of consequences needing multiple films or series to sort out, akin to the aftermaths of other major events in the MCU.

Multiverse Shenanigans
Given the MCU’s multiverse exploration, Wanda could emerge from a different reality, akin to how characters from Fox’s X-Men universe have crossed over. This could introduce an alternate version of Wanda more linked to the X-Men lore, potentially offering a fresh perspective on her character.


Vision’s Story Arc
Drawing from Tom King’s Vision comics, a series could explore Vision’s attempt to create a synthetic family. This narrative could delve into Vision’s quest to replicate human life, following his failed attempt in WandaVision, creating an eerie and thought-provoking storyline.

 Moon Knight Collaboration
Incorporating Moon Knight into the MCU could provide a unique route for Wanda’s resurrection. Moon Knight’s experience with traversing death’s realm might offer a solution to bring Scarlet Witch back, adding depth to both characters.

Her Children’s Role
Her sons, Billy and Tommy, with their mystical abilities, might orchestrate her revival. Picture a scene where her older son, Billy, wields his magic to beckon her back to life, while Tommy utilizes his speed to move the debris burying her. However, the twist could be their eerie intent, prompting Wanda’s horrified reaction leading to a chilling outcome.

Wanda’s narrative has always intertwined darkness and complexity, and her potential return could maintain that essence, promising a compelling continuation of her captivating storyline.