How to watch ‘Spencer’?


“Spencer,” the highly anticipated film featuring Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana, directed by Pablo Larraín, is set to be released on Friday, November 5th. The movie offers a unique perspective on Princess Diana’s experiences during her Christmas holidays with the royal family, shedding light on the circumstances that led her to contemplate leaving her husband, Prince Charles.

While Princess Diana continues to be a captivating figure for both filmmakers and audiences, “Spencer” stands out due to Kristen Stewart’s much-discussed performance. The film has generated Oscar buzz, with Stewart’s portrayal earning praise from critics.

To watch “Spencer,” audiences will initially need to opt for the traditional cinematic experience, as it will be exclusively available in movie theaters upon its release. This means checking local theater listings to find out if and when the film will be playing and purchasing tickets accordingly.


In the current landscape, where viewing options abound, “Spencer” is taking the theatrical route, marking a return to a theatrical-first release strategy for many films. For those who want to catch the latest movies upon release while also making the theater experience more cost-effective, exploring movie theater subscription deals is recommended.

As for streaming options, “Spencer” will not be available for streaming initially, given its exclusive theatrical release. While there is no confirmed timeline for its streaming availability, it is likely to follow the unofficial industry standard of a 45-day exclusive theatrical window. When “Spencer” does become available for streaming, it is expected to be accessible on Hulu, given the platform’s existing deal with Neon, the production and distribution company behind the film.