How to read ‘Kengan Ashura’ in order!


The Kengan Ashura series, created by Yabako Sandrovich and Daromeon, has garnered a mixed reception when it comes to its anime adaptation. Some fans feel that it falls short of capturing the essence of the original manga. However, the manga itself is highly acclaimed for its outstanding combat sequences, the impressive strength of its characters, intricate relationships, and well-crafted character development. It’s widely regarded as one of the finest martial arts series available, which may explain why readers of the manga found the anime adaptation somewhat lacking in comparison. This tends to be a common pattern in adaptations.

If you’ve watched the anime and enjoyed it enough to consider delving into the manga, you’re in for an exhilarating experience. Likewise, if you’ve only heard about the series and are eager to explore the source material first, that’s even better. You’re bound to be captivated by Tokita “Ashura” Ohma’s journey as he navigates the challenges of life through combat.

However, because Kengan Ashura is just one part of a broader series, it’s important to know where to begin rather than jumping in blindly. Fortunately, this isn’t a particularly daunting or confusing task. It’s valuable, though, to have a clear understanding of how many works exist within the Kengan universe.


The Kengan series comprises the main manga, Kengan Ashura, its sequel Kengan Omega, and a prequel, Kengan Ashura Zero, which provides detailed backgrounds for certain characters. While these are the three primary works that you’ll commonly come across online, it’s worth noting that Sandrovich has another, somewhat lesser-known project within this universe: Fist of the Seeker.

Fist of the Seeker is a webcomic, distinct from a traditional manga, and it actually predates Kengan Ashura. Considered by some fans as a precursor to Kengan Ashura, it is set several years prior to the events of the main series and features characters who reappear in Ashura and Omega.

Both Fist of the Seeker and Kengan Ashura Zero are not obligatory reads, as the main story can be understood without them. However, they do offer additional engaging content. So, while it’s entirely optional to skip these works, if you’re keen on immersing yourself fully in the Kenganverse, it’s recommended to read them.

To approach the Kengan Ashura series in chronological order, follow this sequence:

1. Fist of the Seeker
2. Kengan Ashura Zero
3. Kengan Ashura
4. Kengan Omega

Now that you’re aware of the recommended order for reading the Kengan Ashura series, there’s no reason to hold back. I assure you that you’ll be thoroughly entertained throughout the entire journey.