How the Zelda Movie Can Succeed: Taking Cues from the Success of John Wick


The prospect of a live-action Legend of Zelda movie has caused quite a stir, sparking both excitement and concern among fans. While the idea of a Zelda movie presents a fantastic opportunity to bring Hyrule to the big screen with its captivating setting, action-packed adventures, intriguing villain, and beloved princess, it also brings about a critical challenge: Link himself.

Link, the main protagonist in the Legend of Zelda games, is notably a silent hero, embodying the essence of a hero on a quest without expressing much dialogue or firm beliefs. This characteristic allows players to immerse themselves fully in the games. However, translating this silent protagonist into a compelling character for a movie poses a considerable challenge.

Hollywood often struggles with adapting silent or nearly silent video game protagonists into complex individuals on screen. Instances, where silent game characters are given extensive dialogues or unnecessary complexities (as seen in some video game movies or series like Doom and Halo), tend to confuse and alienate fans.


The suggestion here is to adopt the “John Wick approach” for Link. The John Wick movies, starring Keanu Reeves, portray a character who is mostly silent, focusing more on action than words. Reeves’s portrayal of John Wick as a man of action with minimal dialogue but intense determination has resonated well with audiences.

Therefore, the argument here is to keep Link’s character simple, akin to John Wick’s portrayal—allowing his actions and the adventure itself to define him. Avoiding the imposition of forced personalities, unnecessary backstories, or complex dialogues onto Link could preserve the essence of what makes him beloved by fans.

The essence of Link lies in his relentless pursuit of saving the day through action and heroism. The suggestion is to focus on showcasing Link’s heroic journey, sword-fighting, and battling evil without complicating the character with unnecessary exposition.

By learning from the success of the John Wick franchise, the argument emphasizes that a great Legend of Zelda movie would be one that embraces Link’s simplicity and lets his actions speak louder than words, thereby delivering a fantastic cinematic experience for fans of the game series.