How the MCU Almost Introduced the X-Men 15 Years Ago


The anticipation surrounding the incorporation of the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been a long-standing topic among fans, especially following Disney’s acquisition of Fox’s assets in 2019. This acquisition raised expectations of the mutants eventually merging into the official MCU.

While glimpses of Professor X’s students appeared outside the MCU, notably in Deadpool 2 in a self-referential joke, subsequent X-Men films existed separately from the primary timeline and hadn’t been linked with any upcoming Marvel movies. However, it’s recently been disclosed that the X-Men were initially intended to join the MCU much earlier, around 2008.

An alternate version of the post-credit scene in Iron Man featured Nick Fury referencing various extraordinary phenomena, including mutants. This early mention of mutants in the MCU raised questions about whether there were plans for more substantial X-Men appearances in the original Marvel blueprint.


Nevertheless, as subsequent movies took shape, the MCU’s focus on superheroes didn’t primarily revolve around mutants. With the shelving of this particular version of the post-credit scene, the prospect of early X-Men integration remained unrealized.

The most significant recent contribution of the X-Men to the MCU came in The Marvels’ post-credit scene, featuring Beast in a portrayal reminiscent of Kelsey Grammer’s rendition.

There’s heightened anticipation for the X-Men’s potential appearance in Deadpool 3 upon the character’s official introduction into the MCU. Deadpool has had prior interactions with the X-Men, hinting at potential crossovers.

Moreover, the upcoming Disney Plus animated series, X-Men ’97, suggests Marvel’s continued expansion of the X-Men franchise and their gradual integration into the broader Marvel universe. These developments indicate promising prospects for the X-Men’s future within the MCU, generating excitement among fans.