How tall is Patrick Dempsey?


Patrick Dempsey, named Sexiest Man Alive for the first time, has been making waves across various genres, starring in the biographical sports drama “Ferrari” and the holiday-themed slasher “Thanksgiving,” alongside his ongoing role in “Devils.” His success spans diverse projects, marking a triumphant return nearly a decade after his departure from the iconic series “Grey’s Anatomy.”

At 57, Dempsey continues to maintain his heartthrob status, keeping his fan base captivated for over three decades. With upcoming projects like “Ways & Means” on the horizon, though its release date remains undefined, Dempsey ensures his devoted fans have more of his work to anticipate.

During his tenure on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Dempsey was a ubiquitous presence, appearing on magazine covers, participating in interviews, and gracing red carpets. It was at these public events where fans started to notice that Dempsey’s stature might be slightly shorter than he appeared on screen. While not categorically short, he stands a few inches shorter than some of his male co-stars from “Grey’s Anatomy.”


Analyzing Dempsey’s height alongside his OG co-stars on the show, viewers get a perspective on how he measures up. Standing a few inches shorter than Justin Chambers, who portrayed Karev, Dempsey is notably shorter than Eric Dane, the actor behind Dempsey’s on-screen best friend. Dane’s towering height of over 6 feet contrasts with Dempsey’s 5’9”.

Nevertheless, Dempsey’s height sits at the average for an adult American male, around 5’9”, according to While he may not boast extra inches, his height comfortably aligns with the average, fitting well within the expected range. As the Sexiest Man Alive, Dempsey has already earned various accolades and achievements, demonstrating that height isn’t the only aspect of his charm and appeal.