How tall is Jeremy Allen White compared to Zac Efron?


The highly-anticipated film, “The Iron Claw,” chronicles the compelling saga of the Adkisson family, popularly recognized as the Von Erichs within the wrestling world. Renowned for their colossal influence on professional wrestling and marked by a tragic narrative, the movie is poised to captivate audiences with its mid-December release.

The stellar ensemble cast of “The Iron Claw” adds to the film’s allure, headlined by Jeremy Allen White from “The Bear,” Zac Efron of “The Greatest Showman,” Harris Dickinson from “Beach Rats,” and Holt McCallany, known for “Mindhunter.”

In the roles of brothers Kevin and Kerry Von Erich, portrayed by White and Efron respectively, the actors embody the characters convincingly, complete with the era-appropriate hairstyles. Yet, there’s a significant height disparity between the real-life siblings, both standing tall at 6’2″. Can the movie’s presentation bridge the height differences between White and Efron to resemble their real-life counterparts?


Jeremy Allen White’s stature is sturdy, fitting for a pro-wrestler aesthetic, but it falls short of reaching the towering 6-foot mark. Various sources cite his height at around 5’7″, which noticeably differs from the towering 6’2″ stature of the Von Erich brothers.

Meanwhile, Zac Efron, cast as Kerry Von Erich, stands at approximately 5’8″, slightly taller than White. While the one-inch difference between the actors might not pose a significant hurdle, the challenge lies in portraying them as over six feet tall, akin to the real-life Von Erichs.

The film production team might encounter an interesting task aligning the actors’ heights convincingly while filming, especially considering the requirement to make both actors appear taller than their actual heights.

Intriguingly, Harris Dickinson, portraying the role of David, stands at a towering 6’2″, notably taller than Efron. David Von Erich, depicted as 6’8″ during his lifetime, synchronizes well with Dickinson’s stature, adding authenticity to the portrayal.

With “The Iron Claw” slated for release on December 22, 2023, viewers eagerly await the film’s portrayal of the compelling Von Erich family story, complete with a fascinating display of performances and the on-screen heights of the talented cast.