How tall is Chris Hemsworth?


The Hemsworth brothers, Chris and Liam, have captured Hollywood’s attention with their exceptional talent, charming Aussie accents, and, undoubtedly, some remarkable genetics. However, their eldest sibling, Luke, though not as prominently in the spotlight, also possesses a considerable amount of talent within him.

Chris Hemsworth, renowned for his iconic portrayal of Thor, the God of Thunder, and Liam, known for his role as Gale in The Hunger Games series, have undeniably made significant strides in the acting world, setting high standards for aspiring acting families. Nevertheless, it’s noteworthy that Chris, the middle sibling, recently announced his decision to step away from new acting projects.

While this news might disappoint some of his fans, Chris’s popularity isn’t waning anytime soon, and his striking appearance remains a staple. Speaking of Hemsworth traits, their physical stature is often a point of discussion among fans.


Chris Hemsworth’s towering height isn’t solely responsible for his success, but it certainly contributes to his portrayal of the mighty and physically imposing Thor. It’s no surprise that he often stands significantly taller than his fellow cast members during filming, and his Australian heritage likely plays a role in his stature. Both Chris and Liam share an impressive height, with sources commonly indicating that they stand around 6’3” (190 cm). Chris has humorously confessed to embellishing his height in the past to land roles that called for shorter actors.

In the sibling height competition, Luke, the oldest of the trio, measures at 5’11” (180 cm), slightly shorter than his younger brothers. However, being the eldest brother holds its own significance.

While some might still be surprised that Chris isn’t even taller considering his imposing on-screen presence, standing at an impressive 6’3,” he undoubtedly has a lot to boast about in terms of his height.

Ultimately, the Hemsworth brothers, each with their unique talents and contributions, continue to captivate audiences worldwide, solidifying their place in Hollywood’s elite.