How tall is Bella Ramsey?


Bella Ramsey faced immense expectations when stepping into the role of Ellie Williams in HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us, following the exceptional portrayal by Ashley Johnson in the original video game series. Despite initial viewer skepticism, Ramsey swiftly debunked doubts and showcased remarkable talent throughout the first season, displaying acting prowess already honed during their time on Game of Thrones at just 11 years old, where they became a beloved character.

In The Last of Us, Ellie is a 14-year-old character navigating a post-apocalyptic world, while Ramsey, at 19 during filming, necessitated creative measures to convincingly embody the younger persona. Strategic lighting, camera angles, and astute directorial choices played a significant role, complemented by Ramsey’s real-life stature to deliver the character’s essence.

Height, often a factor in portraying younger characters, didn’t deter Ramsey’s ability to encapsulate the youthful energy demanded by 14-year-old Ellie. Interestingly, Ramsey’s age aligns perfectly with the storyline continuation in Part II, where Ellie progresses to 19 years old.


Ramsey, known for their role in Season 1 of The Last of Us, stands at approximately 5 feet 1½ inches tall, quite akin to breakout star Jenna Ortega. This height mirrors Ellie’s in-game canonical stature of 5’3″ at 14 years old, coinciding closely with Ramsey’s own physical dimensions.

As the series progresses into Ellie’s older years, where she’s envisioned to be around 5’5″ at 19, Ramsey’s petite frame may slightly differ from the character’s height evolution. However, the prospect of Season 2 of The Last of Us slated to commence filming in 2024 hints at a portrayal that, despite any height differences, promises to deliver an emotionally resonant rendition of this iconic character.

The first season of The Last of Us is available for streaming on HBO Max, showcasing Ramsey’s compelling performance as Ellie in this captivating post-apocalyptic narrative.