How Skyrim’s DLC Might Foreshadow the Return of Cyrodiil in The Elder Scrolls 6!


The much-anticipated Elder Scrolls 6 has transitioned from pre-production to full-scale development, though it’s still a few years away. With a significant gap in mainline releases since its announcement in 2018 and even longer since Skyrim’s initial release in 2011, fans have had ample time to speculate about what the game might entail.

While concrete evidence is scarce, there’s a prevailing belief among fans that Elder Scrolls 6 will primarily be set in Hammerfell, with the possibility of High Rock also making an appearance. Despite this speculation, there has been comparatively less discussion about potential DLCs for TES6. However, Skyrim might provide a hint that the next game’s DLC could bring players back to Cyrodiil.

Cyrodiil’s potential return in TES6 hinges on the established pattern of expansions in the Elder Scrolls series. Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim followed a similar structure: a smaller story-focused expansion followed by a larger one that introduced a new open-world area. Notably, Skyrim’s Dragonborn expansion brought players back to Solstheim, an island connecting Skyrim and Morrowind. This demonstrated Bethesda’s willingness to revisit previous settings, setting a precedent for TES6’s DLC to potentially revisit Cyrodiil.


Furthermore, significant events in The Elder Scrolls lore have unfolded in Cyrodiil, including much of the Great War and the Empire’s anticipation of Dominion attacks. If the Thalmor play a pivotal role in TES6, renewed hostilities in Cyrodiil wouldn’t be out of the question. The matter of the Emperor’s succession, assuming the events in Skyrim are canon, also adds intrigue. Additionally, fans of Oblivion might be eager to see how Cyrodiil has evolved over the past two centuries.

When considering specific locations within Cyrodiil, the Imperial City and the surrounding Imperial Isle stand out as prime candidates for a TES6 DLC. The technology limitations in Oblivion prevented a comprehensive portrayal, and ESO’s version is characterized by active conflict. A potential TES6 DLC could finally realize the grandeur of this metropolis, providing an ideal backdrop for a narrative centered on court intrigue, Thalmor espionage, or a combination thereof.

While the Imperial Isle is a compelling choice, other areas in Cyrodiil hold potential for DLC content. Kvatch, for instance, presents an intriguing option, particularly for non-MMO players who never witnessed it in an undestroyed state. Two centuries provide ample time for reconstruction, offering a nostalgic experience for Oblivion enthusiasts. The destruction of Kvatch in Oblivion also affords Bethesda creative freedom in redesigning the city.

A third option might involve a visit to Sutch, a city cut from Oblivion but referenced in various games. Fan speculation suggests its destruction between ESO and Oblivion, though this remains fan theory rather than established lore. If realized in a future game, Sutch’s location just beyond Hammerfell’s southern border conveniently aligns with the potential setting of TES6.

In summary, the potential for a return to Cyrodiil in TES6 DLC offers exciting prospects for players, drawing from the rich history and lore of the Elder Scrolls universe.