How Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough Are Doing After Their Legal Battle


Lisa Marie Presley’s unexpected passing in February brought both grief and legal complications for her family. Soon after her death, Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie’s mother, contested her will, particularly objecting to a 2016 amendment. This amendment replaced Priscilla and former family business manager Barry Siegel with Lisa Marie’s children, Riley and the late Benjamin Keough, as trustees of the 1993 trust created to safeguard her interests in the Elvis estate.

Due to Benjamin’s passing in 2020, Priscilla’s legal action was directed towards Keough. She raised concerns about the validity of the amendment and argued that it violated the trust’s terms, which required notifying her of any alterations. Priscilla and Keough resolved their dispute in May, keeping the specifics of their agreement confidential. However, it was reported that Riley agreed to pay approximately $1 million to her grandmother, along with covering her legal expenses.

Priscilla will also serve as a paid advisor for 10 years, though the exact compensation for this role remains undisclosed. Throughout the legal proceedings, Priscilla emphasized that there was no animosity within the family due to the situation. “We are just fine,” she reassured during her “An Evening with Priscilla Presley” tour in April. Despite her assertions, Keough and Priscilla reportedly had a period of reduced communication. However, it appears they have now reconciled.



Understanding the Perspective

Riley Keough acknowledged that it was crucial not to take Priscilla Presley’s legal actions personally. She expressed optimism about their future relationship, emphasizing that their bond has always been characterized by happiness. Keough recognizes the intricate balance between family and the significant business aspect of their lives. She appreciates Priscilla’s pivotal role in shaping Elvis’s legacy and Graceland, understanding the immense importance it holds for her grandmother. Despite any previous difficulties, Keough remains committed to supporting Priscilla.

The legal dispute surrounding Lisa Marie’s will took place against the backdrop of a complex relationship between Lisa Marie and Priscilla, notably exacerbated in 2016 during Lisa Marie’s divorce from Michael Lockwood. This tumultuous period strained the mother-daughter relationship, leading to minimal communication until Lisa Marie’s passing. Riley Keough, standing by her mother’s side during the divorce, also had her own grievances with Priscilla, particularly concerning Michael Lockwood’s presence at Lisa Marie’s memorial.

In summary, the aftermath of Lisa Marie Presley’s passing revealed a blend of legal complexities and intricate family dynamics, where conflicting emotions and loyalties played a significant role.