How old was Paige Tamada when she starred in ‘The Santa Clause?’


Let’s take a moment to revisit Paige Tamada, the former child actor who portrayed Judy, the adorable elf from the 1994 film “The Santa Clause” alongside Tim Allen. Remember the delightful elf who warmly greeted Scott Calvin with a cup of cocoa when he first arrived at the North Pole? That was her.

Fast forward to the present, and Paige Tamada, now approaching 39 years old, has made a cameo appearance in the Disney Plus series “The Santa Clauses,” where she rekindles her association with hot chocolate in a different role.

Her role in the original movie and her cameo appearance in the series serve as a stark reminder of the passage of time. For those who cherished “The Santa Clause” as kids nearly three decades ago, realizing that Judy the Elf is now almost the same age as Tim Allen was when he portrayed Santa Claus in the film can be quite the revelation.


It’s a somewhat startling realization—viewers who grew up with the movie might find themselves at a similar age as Santa Claus was depicted in the film. It’s not about measuring one’s own accomplishments against someone else’s, but the whimsical nature of the comparison can prompt a pause for reflection. Have you ever encountered challenges at work akin to a face-off with Peter Boyle? Experienced complex relationship dynamics as depicted between Scott Calvin, his former wife, and Judge Reinhold’s character? Or, for that matter, accidentally taken over Santa’s role and delved into a misadventure involving a robotic doppelgänger on a date with a festive-focused Molly Shannon in a somewhat lukewarm sequel years later?

If you’re yet to cross the threshold of 39, rest assured, there’s still plenty of time to craft your own unique experiences.