How old is Wakasa in ‘Tokyo Revengers?’


Wakasa Imaushi, a pivotal figure in the Tokyo Revengers manga, played a key role in establishing the formidable Black Dragon gang alongside Keizo Arashi, Takeomi Akashi, and Mikey’s elder brother Shinichiro Sano. However, despite his significant involvement in the Three Deities and Kanto Manji arc in the manga, Wakasa has yet to make his debut in the anime adaptation.

Introduced in the manga’s 24th volume, specifically in the chapter titled “Living Legends,” Wakasa emerges as the Commando Unit Captain of the Kanto Manji Gang during the Tokyo Civil War Era, formed after Manjiro Sano disbanded Toman.

Despite his unassuming stature and distinctive feminine features, such as lilac eyes framed by striking eyelashes, Wakasa asserts himself as one of the manga’s most formidable characters. His strength is innate, showcased through a dynamic and evasive fighting style that he wields effortlessly.


Formerly an executive within the powerful Brahman organization, Wakasa holds significant influence and authoritative control within the gang. His backstory within the Tokyo Revengers narrative traces back to his leadership of the Kodo Rengo gang in eastern Kanto. He engaged in frequent clashes with the rival Ragnarok gang, led by Keizo Arashi, until Shinichiro intervened, reconciling their conflict and leading to the formation of the Black Dragon gang.

Wakasa’s exceptional abilities earned him the role of the inaugural captain of the Special Attack Unit within the Black Dragon gang. Despite the gang’s dominance across generations, it transitioned into a Toman affiliate following the 10th Generation’s defeat in a crucial conflict against the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Chapter 230 of the manga reveals insights into Wakasa and Takeomi Akashi’s paths after the disbandment of the First Generation Black Dragon. While Akashi continued in the world of gangs, Wakasa redirected his focus to oversee a gym alongside Benkei. Eventually, Wakasa pledged allegiance to Senju’s cause, becoming a Top Executive in the Brahman gang.

In terms of his age, Wakasa’s birthdate is established as November 28, 1980, making him a seasoned veteran compared to the series’ main characters. In the timeline of the series, set in 2017, he stands at 36 years old. The manga depicts his earlier life at 27 years old in 2008 through various flashbacks in chapters 269-271. As a former executive of Brahman, Wakasa holds substantial influence over one of the three strongest gangs in the story, solidifying his position as a formidable and influential figure in Tokyo’s underworld.