How old is Ui Ui in ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’?


The scene in season 2, episode 22 of the Malaysian hotel room in the context of Mei Mei and Ui Ui’s relationship raised uncomfortable reactions among fans due to its perceived incestuous implications and potential grooming. Some fans expressed concern about the emotional manipulation Mei Mei seems to exert over her younger brother, with suggestions that it hints at her morally twisted nature. Additionally, Ui Ui’s perceived youth adds to the discomfort, as he appears to be quite young, possibly a pre-teen, albeit with a maturity that comes from his upbringing as a jujutsu sorcerer and his role as a valuable resource against domains.

Despite the discussions and debates among fans, Mangaka Gege Akutami has not officially confirmed Ui Ui’s exact age or birthdate, leaving it ambiguous. What’s clear is that Ui Ui is considerably younger than his sister, Mei Mei, who is in her 30s. Many fans have expressed concerns that Ui Ui’s fixation or obsession with Mei Mei might require professional psychological attention to address any problematic behaviors before they solidify further as he grows older.

Discussions on platforms like Reddit have sparked debates about Ui Ui’s portrayal as a “simp” or a “victim.” Some defend him as a young and impressionable child who might not fully comprehend the nature of his relationship with his older and more experienced sister. Others point out the potential manipulation by Mei Mei due to her maturity and shrewdness, framing Ui Ui as a victim rather than an active participant.

Fans have speculated about the significance of Ui Ui’s name and its implications but acknowledge the likelihood of never receiving an official confirmation of his age from Akutami. Some fans surmise that Akutami’s narrative choices might aim to highlight the problematic nature of the relationship regardless of Ui Ui’s age. However, as is often the case with the author’s enigmatic storytelling, the true reasoning behind such narrative decisions might remain unknown to the audience.