How old is Jimmy Graham? Have a look at Jimmy Graham Stats too!


In 2023, Jimmy Graham has made an unexpected impact on the New Orleans Saints, where he’s currently tied for the team lead in receiving touchdowns. Surprisingly, the veteran tight end, who took a hiatus in 2022, chose to return to football and signed a one-year contract with the Saints, the team where he initially launched his NFL career.

Though not showcasing the dominant prowess he once possessed, Graham, a five-time Pro Bowler, continues to carve out a role in the Saints’ offense. His stats might appear modest—six receptions on seven targets for a mere 39 yards—yet his strategic catches have been game-changing, with four out of six resulting in touchdowns and the other two securing crucial first downs.

While Juwan Johnson and Foster Moreau take the lion’s share of tight end reps, Graham’s exceptional athleticism, though diminished, remains potent, especially in the red zone. His towering physical attributes, blending size and strength, make him a dangerous threat near the goal line.

As for Graham’s age, he turned 37 on November 24, making him the oldest player on the New Orleans roster and one of the NFL’s senior statesmen this season.

Graham’s NFL journey spans 13 years and includes stints with four different teams, including two tenures with the Saints. His debut in 2010 with New Orleans showcased his remarkable athleticism despite limited college football experience. His breakout 2011 season solidified his reputation, setting numerous franchise records and earning Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors. His subsequent years with the Saints were marked by consistent production, albeit with fluctuations in stats. However, in 2014, a franchise-tag and a subsequent contract negotiation led to his departure from the Saints.

Moving to the Seattle Seahawks in 2015 through a trade, Graham bolstered their offense, setting franchise records despite battling injuries. His tenure in Seattle encompassed a mix of Pro Bowl performances and statistical declines.

Later, as a free agent, Graham joined the Green Bay Packers in 2018, followed by a stint with the Chicago Bears in 2020, experiencing variable success before returning to the Saints in 2023.

Here’s a breakdown of Jimmy Graham’s stats over the years:

Year Team Games Catches Yards TDs Yards/Reception
2010 Saints 15 31 356 5 11.5
2011 Saints 16 99 1310 11 13.2
2012 Saints 15 85 982 9 11.6
2013 Saints 16 86 1215 16 14.1
2014 Saints 16 85 889 10 10.5
2015 Seahawks 11 48 605 2 12.6
2016 Seahawks 16 65 923 6 14.2
2017 Seahawks 16 57 520 10 9.1
2018 Packers 16 55 636 2 11.6
2019 Packers 16 38 447 3 11.8
2020 Bears 16 50 456 8 9.1
2021 Bears 15 14 167 3 11.9
2023 Saints (current season) 10 6 39 4 6.5

Throughout his career, Jimmy Graham has showcased his talents, experiencing peaks and valleys but continuing to demonstrate his value, especially in critical situations.