How old is Jewelry Bonney in ‘One Piece?’


The ongoing Egghead Arc in One Piece continues to unveil a series of captivating and often emotionally-charged revelations. This narrative arc has delved into the histories of characters like Kuma and his daughter, Jewelry Bonney. Chapter 1098, in particular, sheds even more light on Bonney’s background, providing a surprising revelation about her true age.

Previously, Bonney’s age had been a topic of debate among fans. When first introduced during the Sabody Archipelago Arc as a member of the Eleven Supernovas, she appeared to be a woman in her early twenties. In an SBS Corner, the author, Eiichiro Oda, mentioned her age to be approximately 22 years old. This led to some confusion about her actual age.

In chapter 1098, it is revealed that Bonney is, in fact, only 12 years old. This revelation came after fans began speculating that Bonney might be younger than her appearance suggests, particularly due to the way other characters interacted with her. Notably, Vegapunk treated her as a young child, emphasizing the need to protect her.


Bonney’s Devil Fruit ability, the Toshi Toshi Fruit (Age-Age), further added to the ambiguity surrounding her age. With this power, she can manipulate the ages of both herself and other living beings at will. She has employed this ability in various situations, such as transforming marines into children to hinder their combat effectiveness. Interestingly, during the Sabody Arc, Bonney altered her appearance to that of a child to save Zoro from the wrath of a Celestial Dragon. With the revelation of her true age, it now appears more likely that she regularly manipulates her appearance to appear as an adult.

Chapter 1098 also provides a glimpse into Bonney’s backstory. A flashback reveals that she was merely five years old, seven years prior to the events of the Egghead Arc, solidifying her status as a 12-year-old.

While this chapter offers answers to some of our questions, there remain numerous mysteries yet to be unravelled. Why does Bonney choose to present herself as if she were in her twenties, akin to Momonosuke? What led to Ginny’s illness, and how did Bonney seemingly cure herself? The forthcoming chapters are sure to provide further insights, though given the emotional depth of this Arc thus far, the revelations may be bittersweet.

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