How old is Deku?


Throughout the progression of My Hero Academia, Izuku Midoriya undergoes significant growth, evolving from a quirkless middle schooler to a determined hero-in-training. Understanding his age throughout the series sheds light on his character’s development and the challenges he faces.

At the outset of My Hero Academia, Deku starts his journey as a 14-year-old middle school student, grappling with the absence of a quirk but steadfast in his aspiration to become a hero. The narrative oscillates between present events and flashbacks of Deku’s impactful childhood, offering glimpses of his life at four years old, which profoundly shapes his character.

As the story progresses, Deku remains 14 during All Might’s training to inherit One for All. However, by the U.A. Entrance Exam, he turns 15, marking the commencement of his tenure as a high school student. Through his first semester at U.A., including the events leading up to the Final Exams arc, Deku remains 15 years old. Subsequently, during the Forest Training Camp arc, he celebrates his 16th birthday.


Amidst the ongoing trials and challenges, Deku continues to navigate his path as a burgeoning hero, his age remaining constant at 16 in the current timeline of the series. As he confronts adversaries like All for One and Shigaraki, survival becomes a precarious task, hinting at the formidable trials that lie ahead for the young protagonist beyond his teenage years.