How old is Chris Evans’ wife, Alba Baptista?


As of late, the news of Chris Evans tying the knot with Alba Baptista has marked the end of the Captain America star’s bachelor status, causing a mix of emotions among fans. While some rejoice in his newfound love, others might feel a twinge of disappointment. Regardless, let’s steer clear of sending hate mail and allow the newlyweds their privacy to revel in their blossoming relationship.

Alba Baptista, best recognized as the lead in Netflix’s Warrior Nun, was born on July 10, 1997, in Lisbon, Portugal, making her 26 years old. The revelation of her relationship with Evans came to light around late 2022, although the couple didn’t make an extravagant public announcement. Their romantic involvement was subtly pieced together by internet sleuths analyzing their Instagram activities, including their follows and interactions on the platform.

Addressing the age gap between Chris Evans and Alba Baptista, it stands at 16 years, with Evans celebrating his 42nd birthday in June 2023. Regarding whether this age difference is a cause for concern, it ultimately boils down to personal perspectives, given that both individuals are consenting adults evidently content in their relationship.


For those seeking a guideline, there’s an age-gap theory dating back to a 1901 love manual, popularized by Aziz Ansari’s character on Parks and Recreation. It suggests that the acceptable age gap in a relationship is half the older partner’s age plus seven. Applying this to Evans and Baptista, half of 42 plus seven equals 28. By this standard, Evans is within bounds, steering clear of being compared to Leonardo DiCaprio as a significant age gap partner by only a two-year difference.

With that clarified, let’s extend our best wishes to the happy couple, hoping for a fulfilling and joyful life together. As for Alba, she’s now got America’s superhero all to herself. Here’s to their happiness and a harmonious journey ahead.