How old is Captain Marvel in the MCU?


Captain Marvel’s age in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has indeed been a bit of a perplexing matter, as the information provided by various sources within the MCU seems to contradict itself, leading to ambiguity regarding her exact age.

Based on certain hints and information from previous MCU movies, the commonly held belief is that Carol Danvers was born in 1967. This would make her around 28 years old during the events depicted in the film “Captain Marvel,” which is set in 1995. Following this timeline, she would be around 56 in 2023 and approximately 58 or nearing 60 by the time of “The Marvels,” which is set in 2025.

However, the confusion arises from conflicting information shared by the official Marvel India account, suggesting that Captain Marvel is actually 60+ in the MCU timeline. This contradicts the established belief about her birth year and creates an inconsistency within the MCU’s timeline, making it challenging to definitively pinpoint her age.


Regarding her youthful appearance despite her supposed age, it’s attributed to Carol Danvers’ Kree DNA. The infusion of Kree DNA in her genetic makeup has significantly slowed down her aging process, allowing her to maintain a youthful appearance despite the passage of time.

This complexity in Captain Marvel’s age within the MCU reflects some of the timeline inconsistencies present in the Marvel movies, making it somewhat challenging for fans to follow a clear chronological order of events. However, the incorporation of Kree DNA offers an explanation for her youthful appearance, ensuring that Brie Larson could potentially continue portraying the character in future Marvel phases.