How old is Anya Forger in ‘Spy x Family?’


Anya Forger, the endearing yet deceptive child in ‘Spy x Family,’ initially claims to be six years old when interacting with Loid, also known as Agent Twilight, in the series’ premiere episode. However, the Forgers are a family bound by secrecy, where deception is commonplace. Loid is a skilled “cool liar,” Yor struggles with the art of deceit, and Anya, despite being a small child and a telepath, manages to deceive everyone, largely due to Loid’s surprisingly dulled perceptiveness around his “fake” family.

But why did Anya fabricate her age, and what is her actual age? Her initial lie about being six years old was a strategic move; she recognized Loid’s need for a six-year-old child and, upon reading his thoughts during their initial encounter, decided to manipulate the situation to ensure Loid would adopt her. She even attempted to appear taller by standing on her tiptoes, emphasizing her commitment to the lie.

The reason behind the necessity for a six-year-old child ties into Eden Academy’s enrollment policy, which exclusively admits students aged six and above. Operation Strix, which Loid is involved in, requires access to Eden College in an indirect manner—specifically to reach Donovan Desmond, a politician whose sons attend the prestigious school. Damian, the youngest son and aged six, serves as a potential link to Donovan through a friendship scheme, integral to the operation’s covert nature, rather than opting for a direct assassination.


Consequently, Anya lies about her age to meet the operational criteria. In reality, she is speculated to be younger, potentially around five or even four years old. This revelation sheds light on her slightly immature behavior compared to her classmates, struggling academically and obtaining some of the poorest grades. However, if she is indeed four years old, it suggests the potential for her academic improvement with time, practice, and the added advantage of her telepathic abilities. Arguably, despite her perceived shortcomings, Anya demonstrates a level of intelligence for her age. For instance, constructing a peanut bomb independently showcases a remarkable level of ingenuity not commonly found in children her age.