How old are the Teen Titans?


The Teen Titans, a group of young superheroes, have become iconic figures in Cartoon Network’s animated show, with both the original series and its comedic spin-off, Teen Titans Go!, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. Over three triumphant years, the original series provided an in-depth look into the lives of the five main heroes: Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy. Each member received their own season, delving into their unique backgrounds and abilities.

Robin, the fearless leader without superpowers, is revealed to be Dick Grayson, the first Robin, through glimpses of his past at Haley Circus. Starfire, or Princess Koriand’r, is a superhuman alien princess with a turbulent history. Raven, a half-demon with extraordinary magical powers, hails from the parallel universe Azarath. Cyborg, once a promising athlete named Victor Stone, is now a half-cybernetic tech expert. Beast Boy, or Garfield, is a shapeshifter with the ability to transform into any animal.

Despite the series being titled “Teen” Titans, the actual ages of the characters remain somewhat enigmatic. Unlike many other superheroes who conceal their identities behind masks and aliases, the Titans always operate in their superhero personas. However, through brief flashbacks and subtle hints, the show offers glimpses of their real names and potential ages.


1. Robin, now known as Dick Grayson, was Batman’s former protégé. Feeling stifled, he left Gotham and eventually became the leader of the Teen Titans. He was 15 when he parted ways with Batman and likely grew a few years older before forming the team.

2. Starfire, or Princess Koriand’r, is an alien princess who landed on Earth after escaping an alien overlord. Her training and captivity on Okaara, along with her sister’s abuse, suggest she is in her early to mid-20s.

3. Raven, a half-demon from Azarath, possesses a range of mystical powers. Her arrival on Earth at 18 was prompted by the resurgence of her father, Trigon’s, strength. In the reboot, she is portrayed as 16 at this time.

4. Cyborg, once a strong athlete named Victor Stone, became a Cyborg at 18 after a life-altering accident. In a future timeline, he appears to be in his early to mid-20s, indicating his current age.

5. Beast Boy, whose real name is Garfield, is a shapeshifter with a background in the Doom Patrol. He is confirmed to be 16 years old, making him the youngest member of the Teen Titans.

While the ages of the Teen Titans may not be explicitly stated, subtle clues and glimpses into their pasts allow fans to piece together an approximate timeline. This adds a layer of intrigue to the already captivating stories of these beloved characters.