How much did Ryan Reynolds pay for Mint Mobile?


Renowned for his roles in blockbuster movies like Deadpool and Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds has not only excelled in Hollywood but also showcased his acumen as an investor.

Despite earning approximately $70 million in 2020 from his acting career, Reynolds ventured into the business world, making strategic investments in various companies. His stakes in Mint Mobile, Aviator Gin, and co-ownership of the Welsh Football club Wrexham with Rob McElhenney have significantly contributed to his growing success outside of the film industry.

One of Reynolds’ most lucrative investments is his substantial ownership in Mint Mobile. Although the exact amount he paid for his shares hasn’t been publicly disclosed, it’s estimated that he owns around 25% of the company. Reynolds became a brand ambassador for Mint Mobile after purchasing these shares in 2019.


The true cost of his investment remains undisclosed, but when he initially acquired the shares, Reynolds humorously quipped about paying himself $15 a month, which is the cost of the cheapest monthly plan with Mint. Despite the undisclosed purchase price, the value of his Mint Mobile shares soared to around $300 million following the company’s acquisition by T-Mobile earlier this year.

This financial success mirrors Reynolds’ previous experience with Aviation Gin, where his stakes increased significantly after Diageo acquired the company.

Reynolds’ shrewd investments have not only demonstrated his business savvy but also underscored his ability to leverage his celebrity status for lucrative opportunities beyond the entertainment industry.