How Melissa Gilbert Was Once Helped By Treat Williams During A Tragedy


Treat Williams, known for his memorable roles in projects like “Everwood,” “Hair,” and “Deep Rising,” passed away in June 2023 at the age of 71 due to a tragic motorcycle accident. His agent, Barry McPherson, lamented the loss, recounting the circumstances of the accident, expressing deep sorrow, and emphasizing Williams’ exceptional kindness and talent.

In addition to his acting prowess, Williams harbored a passion for aviation. In a candid conversation with Publishers Weekly back in 2010, he revealed his extensive experience in flying, spanning over 35 years. This aspect of his life held immense significance for him, as he cherished his roles both as a pilot and a certified flight instructor.

Melissa Gilbert, the beloved star of “Little House on the Prairie,” fondly remembered a poignant moment involving Williams. During a time of urgent need, when Gilbert had to reach a memorial service promptly after the tragic loss of a friend’s young son, it was Treat Williams who extended a compassionate hand. This heartfelt gesture left an indelible mark on Gilbert and served as a testament to Williams’ genuine and caring nature.


Gilbert further shared a touching account of Williams’ generosity when she found herself in a desperate situation. Tasked with delivering a eulogy at a memorial service, Gilbert was faced with the challenge of finding a suitable flight amidst her filming commitments in Toronto. With no commercial options available to meet her tight schedule, she turned to Williams, who owned the charter company Cineflight. Despite Gilbert’s willingness to pay a substantial sum, Williams, upon learning of the sombre circumstances, selflessly offered the plane without charge. Gilbert expressed her gratitude, noting that she covered the pilots’ salaries as a token of her appreciation. Williams’ thoughtfulness extended to leaving a sympathy note, along with provisions for Gilbert to craft the eulogy with comfort.

Melissa Gilbert eloquently encapsulated the impact of Treat Williams’ kindness and humanity, a sentiment echoed by numerous others in the wake of his untimely passing. Beverly D’Angelo, Treat’s co-star in “Hair,” paid tribute to him on Instagram, sharing a heartwarming last text exchange that highlighted their genuine affection for each other. Chris Pratt, who worked alongside Williams in “Everwood,” expressed profound admiration for both Williams and fellow cast member John Beasley, celebrating their talents, their roles as devoted family men, and their enduring friendship. Emily VanCamp, another lead in “Everwood,” shared her own sentiments, cherishing the wonderful experiences she had working with Williams and bidding him farewell with love and respect. The collective outpouring of fond memories and heartfelt farewells stands as a testament to the enduring impact Treat Williams had on those fortunate enough to know him.